A fairer business model

Unlike most other financial institutions we don’t want to profit from personal debt, that is things like overdrafts and credit. Instead, our business model is focused on helping you save and grow your money.

Because we are as committed to creating value for our customers as we are for our employees and shareholders. And we also want to make sure it is distributed among everyone in a fair way.

The unconventional team

Dozens simply wouldn’t be the company it is today without its unusual team. We have come from different backgrounds and professions, bringing not only a variety of skills but also unique perspectives on money.

There are financial experts thinking about structured products and ETFs, and there are writers keeping things jargon-free. There are designers perfecting pixels, and there are analysts exploring the emotions behind money. What brings us all together is our passion to change the financial status quo.

Meet the team

What makes us tick

We’re a fast paced company, but we’re equally motivated about creating an environment that brings out the best in people.

And that starts with the hiring process itself. It is usually social and informal, focusing more on common aspirations rather than facts on the CV. We’d like everyone to feel this is a place, a mission they want to be a part of.

Working at Dozens

Dozens is a part of Project Imagine

Project Imagine is the brain behind Dozens. It is a parent organisation that aims to create innovative and intuitive financial solutions for all sections of the society. By identifying need gaps, enabling the underserved and by making people feel more financially confident.

Dozens is the first and flagship brand created by Project Imagine.

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