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What are Savers Awards and how do they work?

24 February 2019

We set up the Savers Awards as a way to reward our customers for developing good financial behaviour.

They’re a free prize draw – with 10 customers randomly selected to win £100 every month. In December, we’ll hold a bumper draw with winners getting £1,000 each.

Hit certain targets within the app, and you’re automatically nominated.

To get nominations

Use your Dozens account

This is a great way to keep track of your spending. With all your transactions visualised clearly by spend amount, location and other patterns, it’s easier to get to grips with your spending habits.

You start with one nomination when you first spend with Dozens – and get an additional nomination for each consecutive day.

If you don’t use your Dozens account for a while, you simply start again with one nomination the next time you do.

For example:
Day 1 spend = 1 nomination
Day 2 spend = 2 nominations
Day 3 spend = 3 nominations
Day 4 no spend = 0 nominations
Day 5 spend = 1 nomination

Stay within budget

Setting up a budget helps you manage your finances better, so you can live within your means and have money to put towards savings.

We reward you for every week you stay on budget – with 10 more nominations than the previous week, if you were on budget then too. If you weren’t, you simply start again with 10 nominations.

Buy and hold bonds

If you successfully applied for 5% p.a. fixed interest bonds, you’ll get 1,000 nominations for each bond you hold for that month, and don’t sell.

For every additional month you hold your bonds, you get an extra 1,000 nominations compared to the previous month.

Invest with Dozens

In December of every year, 1,000 nominations will be given to customers whose investment goals are on track. These nominations go into the December draw, with winners announced around 7th January.

The monthly draw

We’ll do each draw on or around the 7th of the following month – for instance, the draw for the month of April will be held on or around 7th May.

If you’ve won, we’ll let you know within 30 days of the draw, with details of when to expect your prize.

We keep a list of winners that’s available on request, in an anonymised format.

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