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What does it mean if my bid is unsuccessful?

24 March 2020

Bids are ranked by size and prioritise the smaller amounts. If there are two or more bids of the same value, the bid that came in first will be the higher priority and the bonds will be issued in this order of prioritisation until the limit is reached. If your bid is unsuccessful, it either means that you were lower down on the priority list – based on when you bid – and the issuance limit was reached before it got to you, or that your bid was too high and the limit was reached before it got up to issuing bonds for the amount you bid.

Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t have any impact on whether or not you’ll be successful in the next issuance of bonds as Dozens Savings Plc always uses the same process for awarding the bonds.

Dozens’ Fixed Interest Bonds are allocated, issued and administered by Dozens Savings Plc.

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