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5 ways Dozens can help make your student loan last beyond Freshers’ Week

21 August 2019

Dozens is a new current account and money management app that actually rewards you for staying on budget. Here are 5 ways it can help your student loan last all term:

1. Create a budget on your phone so you know how much you’ve got to spend each day, week and month.  

Can I go out tonight? No need to pull out a spreadsheet or do mental maths – the Dozens Home screen will tell you how much you’ve got left to spend today based on the budget you set, and how much you’ve spent already this week.

Overspent? No problem, your daily budget will automatically update to keep things in check for the rest of the week.


2. Be in with a chance of winning £100 every month, just for sticking to your budget.
No matter what budget you set, Dozens gives you 10 Savers Awards nominations for every week that you stay on budget. The more nominations you get, the more likely you are to win the monthly £100 cash prize. 
3. Keep an eye on your spending using the visuals in the app.
The spending heatmap shows you the times of day and week that you’re spending the most, so you can rein it in if you need to.
4. Stay on top of shared spending by splitting the bill, requesting and sending payments
Paid for pizza last night? Split bills and send payment requests in the app – it works even if the other person doesn’t have Dozens.
5. Once you’re on budget, start putting aside a bit of cash for trips or treats
With Dozens, you can set up automatic savings rules, like saving £1 every time it rains. In the UK, it rains 156 days a year on average. So you might have enough for a flight before you know it!

Download the app here: