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News from Dozens

Building Dozens with our community

12 February 2019

For the last six months, we have been working with a diverse community to build Dozens. 300 people came together in a safe online space where they could talk about money frankly. Something we don’t often do with friends or family.

Our relationship with the community was purely driven by one thing – they wanted to see change in banking as much we did. We are so lucky to have their support. It helps us go beyond our offices and connect with people from across the country and build Dozens together with them.

Last month we met with some of them to show the result of our collective work. What an inspiring day it was! We can’t wait for more and more people to experience our app and give us their opinions.

There is a nice buzzword for this – co-creation. But to us this is the only way to build our solutions, by understanding the problems first.