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Dozens is building a new engine…

3 September 2019

You might have heard on the grapevine that Dozens is partnering up with Visa and ClearBank, but what does this really mean, and how will it affect you?

When we first started working on Dozens back in February 2018, we were a team of five with a mission to help people better manage their money and an idea for how we could do it. Now, we’re a team of over 40 with 17,000 customers (and counting!) and more ideas than ever. 

Dozens is growing really quickly, and to make sure that we’re always keeping up with our customer's needs and offering them (you) the very best service, we’re making a few changes. We like to think of it like building a new engine for the next part of our journey, so we can keep running smoothly.


A big part of the new engine is our partnerships with Visa and ClearBank

Visa is the world’s leader in digital payments and ClearBank is the first new clearing bank in 250 years – what better partners could we ask for?

It’s really important for us to work with people that share our ambitions, values and will support us as we grow. These are all boxes that Visa and ClearBank tick, and partnering with them will allow us to rely less on third parties that are currently involved in some of our processes. Third party involvement is standard practice with small start-ups but, as we’re growing so quickly, we want to reduce our reliance on these so that we have more control over our services, which means you have more control too.

These partnerships will also mean we can offer a whole host of new features that we couldn’t before, everything from direct debits and standing orders to virtual cards (and that is just the beginning).


There are going to be some noticeable changes...

Most of the upcoming changes to our engine will be behind the scenes, so won’t affect you too much, but there are going to be a few changes that you will notice.

You’re going to get a brand new Dozens Visa debit card. A lot of thinking has gone into designing a card that best represents the financial future we hope to help you achieve. (But more on what that will look like later, so stay tuned!). What we can say is that it’ll have the Visa logo in the top right hand corner (instead of Mastercard like it has now) and, most importantly, it will have different details on it.

Partnering with Visa means Dozens will get its very own unique Bank Identification Number (BIN), this is the first six digits of your card number,  which means your card details will be different.

You’ll also be getting a new account number and sort code that is totally unique to Dozens. This means that you’ll need to update any subscriptions or recurring payments that you have going into or out of your Dozens account once you get your new account details.

Everything else about your account (your balance, your saving rules, your track etc.) will remain exactly the same and completely safe, it’s just the account number and sort code that will change.

Finally, we’ll be getting some new and improved terms and conditions with further details on all of the above which will be emailed to you directly.

What happens next?

The only thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that your address details are up to date, so that we know where we’re sending your new card.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep working hard to make sure the new partnerships are running as they should and are as least disruptive to you as possible, so you can sit back and relax knowing that Dozens is upgrading and improving for you.

We’re so excited to be working with partners like Visa and Clearbank who are helping us grow, develop and build a future proof Dozens, and we’re even more excited to have you on the journey with us.

We hope this has helped you understand a bit more about our new partners and what’s changing, but if you have any more questions you can check out the FAQ’s here, or join the conversation in our community.