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News from Dozens

The future of banks and financial services in the high street

29 July 2019

Dozens is opening up a community engagement centre to explore the future of financial services in the high street. We’ll be working directly with the local community and businesses in the Maida Hill area of London.

Every community deserves access to financial services

Dozens was founded to help close the financial gap.

We aimed to find solutions for the lack of access to financial products and the lack of financial understanding that is holding so many people back. We wanted to make finance fairer and help everyone financially progress. 

So, six months ago we launched our app.

It brings a current account, budgeting, saving and investing all together in one app, allowing anyone, over time, to progress from spender to saver to investor. The app has done brilliantly – in its first six months it’s helped over 12,000 people manage their money better and that number is continuing to grow.

However, an app can’t reach everyone. 

What about the 21% of the UK who do not have full basic digital skills? What about the person who isn’t confident on a smart phone? Or someone who doesn’t always have reliable wifi? What about the small business who needs access to physical banking services, and needs their customers to have access to cash? 


Smartphones are not going to solve all of the financial industry's problems, and yet bank branches are closing at an alarming rate, leaving some communities with no physical access to financial services. 


There must be another way. We’re setting up in the Harrow Road area to explore what this could be.