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How can I save with Dozens?

24 February 2019

At Dozens, we’re passionate about helping you manage your money. We offer products and tools that make it as easy (and rewarding) as possible for you to put money aside so that you can grow in the future.

Use our smart budgeting tool to help you keep track of your spending. A positive budget score at the end of the week means you’ve found savings, you can then transfer that money to your cash savings.

Boost your cash savings

Increase your savings with weekly or monthly boosts. With these, an amount that you set, will be moved from your current account to your cash savings on a regular basis.

Set up round-ups

Round-ups help automate saving so it’s effortless. Every time you spend, we round up the amount you spent to the next pound and automatically transfer the difference to your cash savings. Go to ‘Grow’ and select ‘Your saving rules’ to switch them on.

Use our fun saving rules

Our fun saving rules make it easy to put money into your cash savings as you go about your day-to-day life. For example “For example, “Rainy day funds” will save a pound each time it rains near you, so the drizzly days could save towards a sunny holiday. Or perhaps setup the ‘Location Saver’ to save money every time you visit your gym.

To set them up, simply go to ‘Grow’ and tap ‘Your saving rules’. For these you need to set up and sync an IFTTT account (IFTTT have absolutely no access to your financial data). IFTTT saving rules integrate with other apps on your phone, allowing you personalise your rules. Imagine how much you’d put away if you save £5 every time it rains near you?

The cash savings do not earn interest.