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How do I start investing with Dozens?

12 September 2019

If you’re saving for a long-term goal or have money you won’t need to access for at least 3-5 years, investing could be worth considering. You’ll need at least £1,000 to make an initial investment, which you can add to with monthly amounts of £100 or more. 

£1,000 might seem like a high threshold at first glance, but it’s our way of making sure that customers only commit to investing when they can really afford to. Investing isn’t suitable for all customers at all times, so this limit makes sure our customers don’t overextend themselves.

The £100 minimum is part of our goal-based investing. You set your target for your investment and adding a monthly contribution helps you get there.

If you think you’re ready to invest, here’s how you get started: go to ‘Invest’ within the app –

        1. You can begin by browsing our investment options
        2. Then you can set a goal and target amount
        3. Next, we check your risk level by asking questions about your risk appetite and appetite for loss. (no need to highlight how you feel about these, this doesn’t matter, we ask the questions either way)
        4. Then we conduct an affordability check based on your input about your finances
        5. Finally, we’ll let you know your risk level and show you investment options that are suitable for that risk level. These range from ethical or environmentally friendly investments, emerging markets, or big trends like robotics and cyber security.


Remember, investing involves a degree of risk, meaning the value of your investment may fall so you may not get your money back. Dozens does not give financial advice; you should speak to an expert if you are unsure about investing.