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How does the monthly withdrawal limit work?

7 January 2020

The monthly cash withdrawal limit is £1500, with a daily limit of £250.

Your monthly cash withdrawal limit will renew 30 days from the day you’ve withdrawn a sum. It’s important to remember that the full £1500 limit will not renew all at once after 30 days, but instead you’ll get the withdrawn amount back in your limit 30 days after the withdrawal.

For example, if you withdraw £1000 on the 3rd of the month (leaving you with £500 left in your limit) and then you withdraw the remaining £500 on the 7th, your limit will then be at 0 and you will be unable to withdraw cash until the following month on the 3rd, when your limit will go back to £1000. Your limit will then increase again by £500 on the 7th.