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Is my money still safe in Dozens?

4 July 2022

Of course. All your money is safe and can continue to be accessed as normal until the 31 August 2022. As usual, your current account money is held in a segregated account with a UK regulated bank in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. This means that money in this account is not touched by Dozens.

Before 31 August 2022, we need you to transfer your money to an alternative account. If you have not withdrawn all your funds from your account by the time Dozens closes on 31 August 2022, your funds will be moved and held in a trustee account. You will still be able to retrieve these funds, but the process will be through a third party (not through the app), and will therefore take much longer, so we advise all customers to move their funds before 31 August 2022

Please do contact customer service before 31 August if you need any help in clearing your account.