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I’ve received my new Dozens card. Can I use it right away?

24 February 2019

That’s great news. Before your card can be used, you’ll need to:

1. Activate your card

Simply go to ‘Spend’ and tap on the card image. Next, enter the 3-digit CVV that’s on the back of your card, give your card a name to customise it and you’re all set.

2. Get your PIN

Go to ‘Spend’ and beneath the image of your card, you’ll see 3 symbols. Select the one on the right labelled ‘Card’ and then tap ‘PIN’ on the next screen. Enter your passcode to view your PIN.

3. Make a Chip & PIN payment

For security reasons, the first payment you make must be a Chip and PIN payment. This reduces the likelihood of an unauthorised person using your card.

Once you’ve done this, you’re all set to make contactless payments of up to £100. If you’d prefer to have a lower contactless limit of £45, please contact customer services and we’ll be able to adjust this for you.