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My Track looks different, has it changed?

29 July 2020

We’ve recently redesigned track – the way that it works hasn’t changed, but the way that it looks, has. We’ve tidied it up and made it visually cleaner so that it’s even easier to keep an eye on your spending.

There are two main changes that you’ll notice (besides the slick new design). The first is that your remaining budget for the day, week and month, is right at the top where it’s easy to see at a glance. If you want more details, you can then scroll down to get a deeper understanding of what you’ve spent and what you have left.

The second is that your daily spending can now adjust upwards as well as downwards, so if you spent less than you budgeted yesterday, this will be reflected in your budget today.

Perhaps the best part of the Track redesign, though, is that you can customise your view. You can choose if you’d rather prioritise your weekly or monthly budget and make this one more prominent in the app by using the swap button to change which is shown at the top.