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What are saving rules?

24 February 2019

Switch on one of our Saving Rules and money will automatically move from your Current Account to your Cash Savings whenever something specific happens.

Saving rules can be used for different things:

– Rules that are regular

roundups – This will round up every transaction to the nearest pound and move that change into your cash savings.

monthly/weekly – This will move a set amount of money into your cash savings at particular intervals

– Rules that recognise when you’ve been good

These are rules that recognise when you have done something that has saved you money. For example, our ‘Hot saving’ rule will put some money aside every time you let your home temperature drop below 20°C. So, you get positively rewarded for turning the heating down and see your savings going up.

– Rules that encourage good habits

Or perhaps there’s another good habit in your life you want to instil? Why not use the ‘Fit Saver’ rule and save some money every time you achieve your calorie goals on Fitbit? Or perhaps setup the ‘Location Saver’ to save money every time you visit your gym (or even ‘tax’ yourself by saving when you visit the local takeaway!)

– Rules that are just for fun

Saving doesn’t need to be all about routines and predictability. Our savings rules can add an element of excitement. For example, “Rainy day funds” will save a pound each time it rains in London, so the drizzly days could save towards some time in the sun. Or ‘Save a tweet’ could save every time your fave celeb tweets.

To enable these rules we’ve partnered with IFTTT – a service that uses ‘applets’ to connect different areas of your life. For most of the rules you will need to create an IFTTT account (IFTTT have absolutely no access to your financial data). For Roundups and monthly/weekly savings no IFTTT account is required. Saving Rules can be found in the save section.