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What documents can I expect Dozens to send to me during the year?

30 July 2020

As a regulated business, we are legally obliged to provide you with certain documents throughout the year. Here is a list of what you can expect in your inbox and when (although timing may vary slightly from time to time):

What When Who
Annual statement for your Cash Savings Account (detailing transaction history for the previous tax year) May, each year All customers
Contract note (detailing the terms of each trade) Within one working day of the trade Invest customers
Bi-annual investment statements (detailing fees charged to you and interest paid to you for the period and current value of investment*)

*customers may also request quarterly statements

January and July, each year Invest customers
Annual costs and charges report (detailing aggregated investment costs and charges for the previous financial year, or, if shorter, for the period your investments are held) January, each year

(or when you sell all of your investments)

Invest customers
Annual capital gains tax certificate (summarising any gains on investments/bonds sold during the previous tax year) May, each year Invest/bonds customers

(excluding ISA accounts)

Annual consolidated tax certificate (summarising returns made on investments / bonds during the previous tax year) May, each year Invest/bonds customers

(excluding ISA accounts)

You may receive additional documents from time to time and we’ll do our best to give you a heads up before these are sent.

Rest assured that all documents sent to you are password protected and will only ever be sent to your verified email address.


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