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What fees will I be charged on investments?

12 September 2019

Dozens Black subscribers do not pay Dozens fees on their investments (see Dozens Black benefits).

For other customers, Dozens will only charge our platform fee on the days the value of your portfolio does not close below the invested amount.

Before you invest, we show you details and estimates of fees and costs involved. Once your investment account has been set up, your annual cost and charges report will show the actual charges that were applied. There are three types of fees or costs:

Dozens platform fee This fee covers all costs associated with the daily maintenance of your strategy and includes VAT (where applicable), as well as custody and dealing fees our custodian charges. We try to keep this as low as possible, and we don’t charge any additional transaction fees. Fee taken monthly. Our platform fee of 0.5% p.a will only be charged on the days where your investment is equal to or higher than the amount you’ve contributed. On days the value of your portfolio closes below the invested amount, you will not be charged the Dozens platform fee.
Strategy fee Charged by the funds we invest in, and already taken into account in the investment value we show you. Varies by investment, approximately 0.25-0.75% p.a. (last updated 1st September 2019)
Transaction spread This is sometimes known as the ‘bid/offer’ spread, and it’s the difference between the price that the broker will buy your investments off you at and the price they will then sell those investments at.

This is how brokers are paid for their services.

0.07% avg.


To illustrate the fees, for an example investment of £1,000, the monthly fees on an investment with a 0.3% strategy fee (assuming the investment does not close below the invested amount on any day) would be:

Dozens platform fee: £0.42
Strategy fee: £0.25
Transaction spread: £0.06
Max total per month incl. VAT: £0.73

 If either the Dozens platform fee or Strategy fees change, we will give you at least 60 days’ notice.