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What is IFTTT?

24 February 2019

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. It’s technology that allows your Dozens app to work with other apps on your phone – bringing you fun features like saving rules.

You can set your own rules in the form of ‘Applets’ – which consist of a ‘trigger’ and an ‘action’.

For example, if you choose rainy weather as your ‘trigger’ and automatically saving £5 as the resulting ‘action’, every time it rains near you a fiver is transferred into your cash savings. Love social media? You can set up an IFTTT applet which saves, say, £1 every time you share a post.

In a nutshell, IFTTT allows you to customise your saving rules so they’re as fun and quirky as you like.

To set up these rules you need to have an IFTTT account and sync it with your Dozens app. IFTTT have no access to your financial data.

To set it up, simply go to ‘Grow’ and tap ‘Your saving rules’ and select one of the IFTTT rules to begin.