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What types of payments can I make from my Dozens account?

24 February 2019

In addition to using your physical (or virtual) debit card, you can also set up:

● Bank transfers
You’ll need the name, account number and sort code of the person or company you’re paying. Transfers are usually processed within 2 hours, using Faster Payments.

Sending money to another Dozens account holder? As long as they’re in your phone contacts, you can pay them directly within the app – with no need to get their bank details. If you have an Android phone, you can also send money to friends who are Dozens customers through your contact list without having to open the Dozens app. Just find them in your contact list, tap ‘Details’, ‘View more’ and then select the option to make a payment.

● Set up Direct Debits

Complete a Direct Debit mandate and provide your Dozens account details to pay from your account. You can view and cancel these from the app if required. Standing Orders coming soon.

Note: You can’t make payments over the phone using your Dozens card details.