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What’s the minimum I can invest with Dozens?

12 September 2019

To invest with us, you’ll need an initial investment of at least £1,000 (if you wish to add to this on a monthly basis, you can do so with multiples of £100).

There are a couple of reasons for the £1,000 initial investment minimum. The first being because investments we buy on your behalf come in ‘units’ and have a price per unit which is often quite high. We want to ensure that we can buy several units for you so that your money actually gets invested rather than just sitting around.

Secondly, we want to ensure that you are ready to invest. It might be that you don’t yet have £1,000 saved up, which is why we have other options, too. We offer a few savings tools like automated round-ups, IFTTT, monthly saving boosts. Go to ‘Grow’, select ‘Your saving rules’ and switch them on to try them out.