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Why do I have to get new details?

10 November 2020

We need to give you new account details – a new account number and sort code – due to our new partnership with ClearBank. By partnering with ClearBank we can add more services to Dozens accounts, like Direct Debits and tokenisation (needed for digital payments like Apple Pay).

We also have to give you new card details because our partnership with Visa means that we have our very own Bank Identification Number (BIN) that we didn’t have when we issued your old card. The BIN is the first six digits of the long number on the front of your card, and it’s what allows merchants to match transactions from your account to the issuer of the card (in this case Dozens via Visa), in order to successfully process them.

Getting your own BIN is a big step for a small company, so even though it might be a bit fiddly to have new account details to begin with, we definitely consider it an upgrade. It’s all part of how we’re going to be able to better serve you as time goes on.