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Why has my card payment failed?

1 November 2019

Your payment may have been declined for a number of reasons. To understand why, first check if: 

  • There is enough cash in your Dozens account 

If there isn’t, transfer funds to your Dozens account to cover the payment you’re trying to make. And then try again. 

  • You’ve exceeded one of the payment limits 

There are daily and monthly limits on the card for certain transactions and you may have exceeded these. To check these limits go to the ‘Spend’ section, tap on ‘card’ and then ‘limits’. 

If you’re within your limits and have sufficient funds and yet: 

  • The payment has not been taken from your Dozens account

There may be a fault with the retailer’s card terminal or processor. Try repeating the payment and if it’s declined again, contact the retailer. 

  • The payment has been taken from your Dozens account, but the retailer hasn’t received it

Go to ‘Spend’ and find the payment from your list of transactions. Tap on it and select the option to report this transaction, then choose ‘The retailer did not receive the payment’ and our team will investigate.