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Service restored to Dozens after Wirecard disruption

30 June 2020

On the evening of Monday, 29 June, the FCA reinstated the licence of our current card issuer Wirecard Solutions Limited which has withdrawn the block that was affecting Dozens and many other fintechs since Friday. 

Dozens debit cards, banking transfers and payments are all working – Dozens accounts are fully back in action.

We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this event may have caused. Our business and customers should not have been affected by the problems with Wirecard because we only use Wirecard UK as a card issuer.

No Dozens customer deposits are held with Wirecard or any of its agents and your money across all of our accounts is safeguarded by our own Emoney and Investment licences from the FCA.

On Friday, because of how quickly events were unfolding, a number of players in financial services chose to play safe with a blanket approach in cutting off access to any cards issued by Wirecard UK, which is what caused our services to be affected. We’re pleased they have now reinstated services to our customers and business.

Following these events we are expediting our planned transfer over to Visa cards. We already have primary Visa membership in place which lets us connect to their network directly, and will avoid such intermediary problems in future.

Finally, we want to thank our customers for the support and encouragement you’ve shown on our community and social media during this challenging weekend.

We’re a close-knit team, and times like these only bring us closer, but knowing we have such fantastic customers backing us really lifted our spirits during the long hours!

Thank you for your patience.