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Thank you to the thousands who’ve invested in Dozens

3 May 2019

We are overjoyed with the success of our Seedrs crowdfund. Every penny of the £3.8 million raised will go towards building a business that helps people manage their money better. 

Back in March we launched a crowdfunding investment round with Seedrs to raise funds for the growth of our mission driven business.

We thought it right to fund from ‘the crowd’ early on as we believe in equal access to investment opportunities. Plus, we think anyone who wants to be a part of the business should have the chance to do so. So with as little as £20, anyone could become a shareholder and get invited to special events that directly shape our journey forward.

In early March the campaign page and pitch video went live. Questions poured in, our business plans were prodded and hearts on tenterhooks, but swiftly and surely the backing came.

Our Seedrs campaign video


The round has now closed and we’re thrilled with the support we’ve received. Not only by the amount raised – £3.8m – which surpassed our target, but also by the number of people who invested – over 2100 across 42 countries. It feels good to know our mission and story resonates with so many different people.

The money raised will go towards the development of new financial and digital products, and potentially the first phase of a banking license application.

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this happen! We’re looking forward to working with you to make Dozens what we collectively believe it can be.

Update 01/05/19: It turns out that this is Seedrs largest raise in 2019!