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Everything you need to know about our virtual cards

10 November 2020

Heard us mention them and not quite sure what they are? Read on for the answers to all your virtual card questions. 

As part of our move to Visa, we’re issuing all customers a virtual card that will sit in the spend section of the app.


What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a payment card that only exists digitally. In our case, it’s the Dozens Visa debit card. It’s exactly like your physical one, except you can’t hold it in your hands, because it’s held in your phone.

Your virtual Dozens Visa debit card will sit in the spend section of the app (where you can see your physical card details now), and you’ll be able to use it for all the same things as your physical card, except withdrawing cash. 

Are there benefits? 

Yes, lots! 

  • Virtual cards are a safer and more secure way to buy things online, because no one can access them unless they have both your phone and a way to log in to your Dozens app. 
  • They’re better for the environment because it can be difficult to recycle physical cards, and people often don’t use them, so those materials go to waste.
  • They can do everything a physical card can do, including shopping in-store using mobile payments.* The only thing they can’t do is withdraw cash from an ATM.
  • Our customers can still access all of our features and products with them.

Will it affect what I can use in the app?

Not at all. We know that our customers use Dozens for all different reasons. Some use it for the budgeting features, others for the saving tools, others for the financial products, and some for all of the above. 

You don’t need a physical card for anything that we offer. You can use all of our features and products, and buy things online and in shops, with just a virtual one.  

Can I still get a physical card?

Of course. Some of us like to have all of our cards sitting physically in our wallets, and we very much understand that.

We’ll be sending out new physical cards to the customers we know like to use them. 

If you’d like to ensure you get a physical card, just let our customer service team know through the in-app chat.


How do I use my virtual card?

Just like your physical one. When you’re shopping online, you just enter the card details (which will be shown on the card in the app) as you would if you were reading them off your physical card. 


Your brand new virtual Dozens VISA debit card will be ready for you on Thursday, 12 November 2020.

If you’d like to talk more about virtual cards, you can join the conversation in our community.

*This isn’t available yet, but we’ll be introducing mobile payments soon. Then you’ll be able to add your virtual Dozens Visa debit card to your mobile wallet for contactless payments.