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Dozens account FAQs

2 September 2022

Find all of the answers to your questions below.


Any problems, please email help@dozens.com.


Is Dozens closing?

Yes, as we announced in June 2022, Dozens app and services are to be closed. You can read more about why we took this decision here.

What will happen to my Dozens Account?

Accounts that have no funds remaining in them will be closed in September. Customers can expect an email when this is complete, shortly followed by account statements.

Any accounts that have funds left in them, we will be arranging for these remaining funds to be moved to a third-party trust account. Once the funds have been moved, they will no longer be accessible through the Dozens app and liaison will be directly with the third-party. Full details of the third party will be sent to those customers by email. 

How do I get a copy of my statement for my Dozens account?

All customers will be sent their closing statements very soon.

What happens if someone sends money to my Dozens account?

We will be deactivating incoming payments on 2 September. If money is sent to your Dozens account after this, the funds will bounce back to sender. This is usually quick, however it can a few days.

What will happen to my data?

As Dozens is a subsidiary of Project Imagine, Project Imagine retains responsibility for your data after Dozens closes.

Your data remains safe and is held according to data protection legislation, only as long as necessary.

Although your accounts will be closed, there are some pieces of data that we must legally keep for 6 years from the date of the account closure. You can request a copy of your data by emailing help@dozens.com.