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Can I schedule regular payments into my cash savings?

24 February 2019

Yes, simply set up a regular boost (weekly or monthly) to transfer money from your current account to your cash savings. You can do this by going to the ‘Grow’ section and on ‘Your saving rules’ select ‘View details’.

It’s here that you can also turn on ‘Round-ups’. Every time you spend with your Dozens card, the round-up feature will round the transaction up to the nearest pound and put the change in your cash savings.

Plus with our fun saving rules it doesn’t need to be all about routines and predictability. Our savings rules can add an element of excitement. They make it easy to connect your cash savings to activities your day-to-day life. For example “For example, “Rainy day funds” will save a pound each time it rains near you, so the drizzly days could save towards a sunny holiday. Or perhaps setup the ‘Location Saver’ to save money every time you visit your gym. Or ‘Save a tweet’ could save every time your fave celeb tweets.

To find out more about our Saving rules check out this blog post