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Our investment shelf is growing

3 December 2020

We have ten new funds joining our investment shelf, here’s what you need to know about them.

We launched the Dozens investment shelf in 2019 and have been adding to it ever since. Until now, the shelf has been stacked just with ETFs (exchange traded funds), but now we’re inviting a new kind of investment to join the party: multi-asset funds.

What are multi-asset funds?

Multi-asset funds are, unsurprisingly, funds that contain multiple assets. Where ETFs generally contain a collection of one type of asset, like shares, multi-asset funds contain a mixture of assets, like shares and bonds, for example.

Just like an ETF, a multi-asset fund is created and managed by an investment manager. In this case, the managers are world renowned investment houses BlackRock and Vanguard.

Why are we offering them?

We’re introducing a cherry-picked selection of multi-asset funds to our investment shelf in order to broaden our range and provide our customers with even more options across the risk levels. 

Multi-asset funds also take diversification one step further. Where ETFs allow you to spread your eggs in multiple baskets, multi-asset funds also allow you to spread them in different kinds of baskets. That is to say that you’re not only investing in a selection of companies, but in a selection of assets, too. This is a way of further diversifying your portfolio, which can serve as a way of mitigating risk. 

Multi-asset funds can also be more suitable for people who are less inclined to choose to invest based on a theme (which is how our ETFs are structured), and would rather choose something more general based on their risk level.

So, without further ado, let’s meet our new multi-asset funds. 

The BlackRock Consensus(es)

We’re offering five BlackRock Consensus funds, which offer varying percentages of investment in equities:

BlackRock Consensus 35

This fund invests in a mix of shares and bonds, with up to 35% in shares.

Risk level 3

BlackRock Consensus 60

This fund invests in a mix of shares and bonds, with up to 60% in shares.

Risk level 4

BlackRock Consensus 70

This fund invests in a mix of shares and bonds, with up to 70% in shares.

Risk level 4

BlackRock Consensus 85

This fund invests in a mix of shares and bonds, with up to 85% in shares.

Risk level 5

BlackRock Consensus 100

This fund invests in a mix of shares and bonds, with up to 100% in shares.

Risk level 5

The remaining percentage of the investment in each of these funds is invested in fixed income securities and cash-like instruments.

These funds are actively managed, which means that BlackRock has the discretion to select the fund's investments, but does so using a strategy as to the stated mix of shares and bonds (called an asset allocation strategy).

The UK and the US have the largest country exposure for this fund, however the fund also invests in other developed and emerging countries.

The Vanguard LifeStrategies

We’re also offering five Vanguard LifeStrategy funds, which offer varying percentages of investment in shares, while the remaining percentage is invested in bonds:

Vanguard LifeStrategy 20%

Invest in some shares (20%), but mainly bonds (80%).

Risk level 2

Vanguard LifeStrategy 40%

Invest in more bonds (60%)than shares (40%).

Risk level 3

Vanguard LifeStrategy 60%

Invest in more shares (60%) than bonds (40%).

Risk level 3

Vanguard LifeStrategy 80%

Invest in some bonds (20%), but mostly shares (80%).

Risk level 4

Vanguard LifeStrategy 100%

Invest entirely in shares (100%).

Risk level 4

For each of these funds, the UK is the largest single country exposure for both shares and bonds. They also include investment in shares and bonds in other developed countries with a smaller percentage in emerging country shares and bonds.

So there it is, your introduction to the newbies. You can find our full selection of investments in the Invest section of the app.

Capital at risk.

When you invest your money is at risk, as the value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

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